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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When are the trails open?
  • Everyday from 7am to 8pm
  • How do I find out about the trail conditions?
  • Look on the home page of the website. It will be updated as frequently as possible. If you have new information, please let us know by email mailto:guelph-nordic@hotmail.com.

  • Why haven't the trails been groomed?
  • We have to wait for enough snow for a good base before the trails can be track set

  • Where can I rent equipment?
  • There is nowhere in Guelph or area that we know of that rents out equipment, unfortunately

  • Do you have equipment for rent?
  • No, we don't.

  • Where can I buy equipment and clothing?
  • Try www.onewaysportstore.com or email Russ Mater. He is local and can order and deliver equipment but generally doesn't have a lot on hand. He has good deals now and again. For clothing - any good outdoor store will carry outfits and individual items. Paramount on Arrow Road sell new equipment and clothing. SAIL in Cambridge is another place to go.

  • Where can I buy second hand equipment?
  • Play It Again Sports on Silvercreek Parkway is one place to try. They sometimes have new equipment too.

  • What do I wear, what do I take with me, how do I prepare?
    Click here.
  • Do I have to buy a membership?
    Memberships are no longer available, all sking is on a pay-as-you-go basis payable at the trailhead - fill out an envelope, seal the money instide and drop it in the secure post.
  • How long are the trails?
  • We have about 8km of groomed trails.

  • What difficulty are the trails?
  • There are a couple of short steep hills but otherwise the trails are either flat or on gentle slopes

  • Can I skate ski?
  • Yes, there is a skate ski trail beside the classic groomed tracks

  • Do you offer lessons?
  • We do not offer lessons, but Eden Mills Nordic does in the South end of Guelph. Unfortunately Dan and Joan from Ski For Life, who used to give individual lessons, have called it quits.

  • Where is the parking?
  • The Farm Workshop parking lot is right across from the trailhead and is designated for skiers. If it is full, use the smaller Loyola House lot of the Orchard Park lots. DO NOT park in the St. Brigid's Villa lot, that is reserved for group renting the facility.

  • I couldn't find the trail head - where is it?
  • After you enter the Ignatius grounds, follow the signs for the Farm Workshop. Park in the parking lot and across the road you will see the trail head sign

  • Are dogs allowed on the trails?
  • No - please leave your dog at home.

  • Do you have group events?
  • Not on a regular basis. However, we may plan a Winterlude if the snow cooperates. Or maybe a Full Moon evening ski. If you would like to organise something, we'd be happy to help and promote it

  • Do you have equipment exchanges?
  • We have not yet held an equipment exchange, but could consider it if there is enough interest

  • Are there Coyotes on the trails and if so how do I deal with them?
  • Yes, coyotes or evidence of them have been seen on the trails. Click Coyotes to read about avoiding conflicts with them.

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    Last updated 12th February 2017
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