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Who Are We?

The Guelph Nordic Ski Club is a volunteer organization founded in 2003. Our not–for–profit ski club provides a beautiful venue for both skate and classic style skiing.

Unique to the Guelph Nordic Ski Club, our trails traverse the sacred lands of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. Lands that, for nearly a century, have inspired prayer and spiritual transformation.

What do we offer?

The Guelph Nordic Ski Club has the finest ski trails in the area with over 8 kilometres of well groomed trails for classic and skate skiing.

Affordable fees make the club a popular choice for individuals and families looking to participate in a fun winter activity!

To view the Nordic Ski Club trail click here

For Whom?

For Cross Country enthusiasts who derive great enjoyment from an activity that takes place in the pristine silence of Canada's winter.

It's a healthy winter sport with no inherent boundaries for age, region, gender or conditioning level.

Cross country skiing is easy to learn and its health benefits are well documented.


Latest News

Last updated Wednesday 19th April 2017

That's it for the season - we hope you managed some good skiing in between the warm spells. Thanks as ever to the track groomers and others who keep the club going, and to Ignatius for letting us have the trails on their land. Here's to a better season in 2017-18.

A new information page has been added to this website concerning Coyotes.

We think all our skiers know NOT TO WALK ON THE TRAILS. If you encounter anyone walking on the trails, by which we mean the whole width, not just the grooves for classic skiing, please politely ask them not to. The deep footprints caused by walking can be a hazard as well as making the trails rough. There are signs requesting no walking which you could point out.

Please use the small envelopes provided in the mail box under the Trailhead sign. Larger envelopes plug the drop box. Thanks.

This season the payment system will be the same as before - put $5 ($4 senior, 60+) in a small envelope (provided in the mailbox), sign it, and drop it in the box before skiing. After 8 skis the rest are free! Or you can pay $40 ($32 senior, 60+) for the whole season. Make cheques out to Guelph Nordic Ski Club. Other amounts are available for children and families - see Membership below.

Ski Equipment

Places to look are: Play It Again Sports, 218 Silvercreek Parkway in Guelph, who sometimes have second hand cross country ski equipment and often new equipment as well. Another source for equipment is Russ Mater who is local and will order and deliver equipment. He generally doesn't have a lot on hand, but does have specials now and again. Paramount, 30 Arrow Road, sells new cross country ski equipment and clothing. Speed River Cycle got out of the business a few years ago.

Trail Location

The Guelph Nordic Ski Club is hosted by the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph. The Centre, a 240 hectare property minutes from downtown Guelph, is located on Hwy #6 North, 1km north of the Woodlawn/Woolwich Street intersection. Watch for the main entrance on the left as you travel north on #6 labelled "Ignatius Jesuit Centre" and "Orchard Park."

Follow the driveway around to the right, and turn left at signs to the Farm Workshop and park in the parking lot. The trailhead is across the road - you will see the large sign. Do NOT drive up to St. Brigid's Villa to park, those spaces are reserved for groups renting that facility. If the Farm Workshop parking lot is full, either use the small lot on the left on the way to Loyola House or one of the Orchard Park lots.

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Affordable day use fees make the club a popular choice for individuals and families looking to participate in a fun winter activity.

These fees allows us to maintain the finest ski trails in the area with over 8 kilometres of well groomed trails for classic and skate skiing.

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Dog Sled Races

The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports are again hoping to hold the dog sled races at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area over the weekend of February 25 and 26, 2017. (They had to be cancelled last year due to the lack of snow on the lake). There will be teams from Ontario, Quebec and the US competing in 1 and 2 dog skijoring and 4 and 6 mile sled races and a children's competition. It is a fundraiser for the Grand River Hospital and is called 'Mush for Healthcare.' Admission free, parking $10.
You, our members, may find the skijoring component of these races to be of interest. (Skijoring is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle. It is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving) Their website is www.glsdr.ca

Old Style Skiers

Here is a great picture of the relatives one of our members having a break on a ski trail in Finland before the war.



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